About me

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
-Oscar Wilde

Hi! My name is Dawid and here is personal website and blog.
For many years I have been spending a significant amount of my life coding.
In Java, JavaScript, C++, Kotlin, Groovy, bash and so on - whatever is needed at the moment.
I am constantly learning and always try to see a bright side of anything, anywhere.
For me, coding is like playing with LEGO blocks - but with infinite number of pieces. A childhood dream fulfilled! :)

Few other things about me:


10+ years of experience in IT industry. Played key role in multiple projects using different coding languages

Diversed projects

Used to work in diversed environments and positions - from support to development and team leading.

Team player

Happy to collaborate with small and large teams from the entire planet

Fast Learner

Loves learning... and good books too!:)

Pragmatic approach

A big fan of automation, code quality and the Software Craftsmanship

Contact me

Want to get in touch? Feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn on Twitter.
No matter whether you want to discuss a blog post or you have a business proposal.

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