This post is going to be pretty short, even though it took me more than 10 years of commercial experience and days of thinking to finally write that. Generally speaking, I am going to create yet another programming blog. Even if that may sound boring, hundreds or thousands of other blogs, written by people with passion, were and are still giving me an incredible amount of fun and a different outlook on the IT industry. Not to mention they saved my a** many times, just like stack overflow. So, why to not participate in that?

As I mentioned, it took me so much (>10 yrs) to write the first post. I think there were various reasons:

  • I always felt too inexperienced, incapable to write something meaningful. Now I see that I will always be more or less inexperienced.
  • Perfectionism kills
  • Exposing ourselves – our heart, soul, even if it is only about code or work, requires a bit of courage. I still feel I lack courage… and what is better than just practicing?
  • Impostor syndrome is another obvious reason. Understanding the dynamics behind that is revealing
  • I still dislike all social media and blogging is somehow similar.

Yet, I see I lose too much to stay quiet:

  • I cannot document my work, thoughts, progress. During those 10 years, I heavily analyzed different tools, frameworks, solutions… And lost all interesting findings just because I have not written that down
  • I cannot share anything with anyone. And maybe someone, somewhere, sometime will find something here useful.

I will be very surprised if anyone just reaches to this point. If yes, thank you very much! I hope I will be able to produce at least something useful here.

And one another thing I almost forgot… Welcome to my mini-blog! 🙂

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