I think everybody can agree that programming interviews can be tricky. No matter how experienced we are, our overall area of expertise is incredibly huge and it is pretty easy to fall prey to a simple question:) Still, preparing for interviews is a good way to refresh our knowledge. For this reason, years ago I started collecting questions I got in interviews.

This particular collection contains:

  • ~90% of real questions I was asked in various companies in Krakow between 2016-2020
  • ~10% real questions my friends got
  • difficulty: most of them are from junior to senior java dev positions, few of them I got for a tech lead position

Certain areas are lacking, like cloud, containerization, modern UI, etc. I will add them sooner or later – of course, once I am asked them 🙂 Even in this state, I believe someone will benefit from this collection anyway.

Enjoy! And by the way, any contribution is welcome!

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